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     About Me

I am a fully qualified, registered acupuncturist, former teacher and guest lecturer at CCATCM (Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine). I was also a core founder of the Nova Scotia Chapter of CMAAC.
My background is in science, research, clinical research, information technology, health promotion and elder care. I have an Honours BSc., a few other diplomas, and have authored and co-authored, six peer reviewed scientific papers.
My formal education in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) consisted of  more than 2300 hours of full-time theory, related sciences, practical internship and clinical training with a number of professional clinicians. I am also a botanist and life long student of eastern and western herbology.
The holistic aspect of  well-being is essential to me. I understand how health is impacted by environment, workplace, finances, relationships, good food, emotions, lifestyle and physical constitution. I enjoy helping others heal and educating others who are “waking up” to the benefits of natural medicine.